Saturday, 10 July 2010

Good girls go to heaven...

Bad girls go to BRUGES.

Spent some short indulgement time getting a taste (literally from the chocolate shop) of sharp Dutch culture last week when visiting Belgium. Spending five days in 'the Venice of the north' has caused me nothing but cobbled street nostalgia and left me with a seriously geeky interest in medieval architecture. Belfy's and church towers included.
I am for one NOT a city girl so imagine my surprise when I cycled past this on my (slightly unstable) tour of the city centre hearing a beautiful Belgian boy with a slightly french-english accent immerce me in historical love stories and traditional tales.

Last but not least, when in Brussles sipping a strong black coffee and lost in french Vogue translation I did not forget my surroundings were home to Belgian Born designer Diane Von Furstenburg which was equally enlightening.
Note to self: must now watch film titled "In Bruges.." and go back to Belgium asap of course.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Could you cheat on this..?

A while ago now I smudged my smokey eyes with salty tears reading these very words:

NY Post - 8 Apr 2010 ... 'Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick has dumped co-star and girlfriend Jessica Szohr after hearing rumors she was cozying up with one of his best friends.'

Edward Westwick (recognised as his Gossip Girl Billionaire and Blair Waldorf swooning, character, Chuck Bass)is originally from Hertfordshire in the South of the England - articulate accent and delcious dialect, check.
Not only does Ed's voice begin to slightly arouse me but what about his svelte jaw line and designer stubble. His mysterious eyes are so uncomprehensible and closed-mouth personality depicts his on screen persona perfectly and his style, slick, sleek and smart.
This man is everything I could ever begin to dream of, co-star Szohr should sincerly watch her back.

One can only suggest that if Jesssica (as much as it pains me to type her name) is cheating on him then why doesn't he settle for someone who is out of the lime light, someone more like me.

Monday, 19 April 2010

American Beauties

During recent 'me' time I have managed to procrastinate a lot, much of this time wasting I indefinitly blame on the sharp MTV Hills spin off which we all know too well and despise for distraction, known as The City. Now, for a young woman who has been described as highbrow (that is to use the softest of words) one too many times, Olivia Palermo is precisely the character I revel in being oh so fond of.
Aged 24 and an established American socialite, blonde centre-parted bliss crowns her head and her fragile body always laced in Monet-esque floral numbers, edged with skyhigh glossy black fendi footwear and there is nothing which I would aspire to mirror any more. I howeever indulge in the way I have to google search for hours in order to find anything on this girl. No Perez dirt. No leaked xxx photos. Just innocent Palermo.
I wonder why today's media and us as consumers choose to delight in the latest Michelle Heaton fiasco (god forbid she has tanned again) or the most recent ride on Kerry Katona. Instead i believe we should celebrate women who have candidly worked their own way up and have all the charming airs and graces a young lady should sport.
Thank you Olivia.
(Diane von Furstenberg blouse woah yes.)

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Mr P. Lim. I have never had more admiration for you.
This post is certainly inspired by a recent birthday card produced for me which featured the best of the new 3.1 collection ripped up and collaged all over it. Just in case you wondered, it is usually against my wishes for someone to rip to shreds a runway edit somewhere to produce such a wonderful creation, but for Lim it had to be done.
After indulging in hundreds and thousands of sweet little runway reviews I have finally decided that Phillip Lim is not only at the top of every directory of designers because 3.1 comes before A in alphabetical order, but because he is THE King of design. His cuts are so classic and darling yet so unconventional. His collections are so easily distinguished but his idea's still somehow basic and simple.
What excites me about Phillip is that his sets are so wearable. I could invision any female in any of his looks and they would not look overly avant-guarde. On the other hand they still fit so well on a catwalk and I cannot understand how he gets these mixtures so right. All the ingredients are just 'there'.

I am now saving for 'the new suit'. RED rahhh!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Karl Largerfeld.. have you gone mad?

It is not often that I want to rant about something so surprisingly Chanel but from where I am sitting (in a very warm lounge immerced in Textiles AS revision guides) the usual wonderful judegment of Karl has taken a small spring/summer turn.
The Chanel Pre-Spring preview did not dissapoint, but come on, what is this sudden flash of tattoo fascination?!
I am all for the odd significant or suggestive tattoo on a lady, perhaps a petite one on the wrist or ankle but i'm not sure i'd wrap one around my neck Chanel style. Ever. Especially not a heavy silver chain that resembles something that should be bulding up the muscle around the neck of a 14 Stone, 14 year old British male accompanied by a backwards cap and a Henley's hoodie. No way.

I must admitt I am a little over-shocked as after all they are just transfers and I suppose if this had accompanied last seasons Balmania studding there would be no issue but please Chanel, this is not elegent or opulent. Stick to the well established black and white rules which we all know and love you for. Stay classic.

Happy Spring/Summer 2010.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

A fashion that does not reach the streets of Paris is not a fashion.

It has been snowing for 4 days. Pretty much a week of none stop, icy cold, white dancing, silver glittering snow days.
This morning however the sun is shining and the 8 inches of snow surrounding me are beginning to melt. Usually i'd be sad, but being snowed in for 4 days is not fun. There is only so much enjoyment you can get out of this weather when you pass the age of 7...
Snowman, igloo, snowball fight, fire lit, The Holiday DVD and hot chocolate have all been checked about 5 times over (bar igloo maybe that one was more difficult than i thought!)
I was shocked to realise that being snowed in can actually become tedious. You can actually get angry at the snow!

Anyway, as it's Christmas EveEve, mum & dad have decided to go out for the first time in a couple of days, for lunch without me, which is really lovely. So what would any other girl do in these times of boredom and hopelessness - Visit
Lucky for us all they have a Spring Summer preview which has just shed some Parisian sunshine onto my day. Looks like we're turning to the fashions of France again next year. I am SO eager for some dark romance, stripes, ruffles, ladylike silk and baby pink. Who wouldn't want to look like Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl Queen) or be dressed by the woman herself, Coco Chanel.
With the dark cloud of modular exams looming, and with the exhaustive Christmas build up well, exhaused, the sneek peek of next season collections has got me sportively wired for next year and whatever it may bring.
Well that and the fact that i am hitting the sales on boxing day.

Final thought: Lanvin Lanvin Lanvin (pictures!)

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

At the cutting edge

I am at the cutting edge, just like the title of my (for loss of a better word) FAT A-Level Textiles textbook which i have been carrying around in my sporty Topshop leather slouch bag for the past 2 days and 10 lessons. Which, for those of you don't know, leads me to the fact that my 'free' or 'study periods' (as my school likes to call them) have been zero to none so far this week.
If you like me, have lept onto the educational discovery band wagon, that is 6th Form you will have noticed that there is never enough free periods in a week - in my case there is 2.
However with 2.5 days until Christmas holidays there is little reason for me to complain.
It is certainly Karma to blame, in my free periods so far I have visited the student library about twice - it is not my fault that Ms Snow-something-or-othermakes sure that you feel so self concious of whatever music might be leaking from your iPod earphones to the rest of the room because, yes, it is that quiet.
Luckily if you manage to blag yourself a lap-puter as i like to call them, the humming may just about cover it up. No more EsmeƩ Denters album for me. I'm always there too late, a bit like my Textiles revision.
Additionally, mum has immerced the Christmas tree in COLOURED lights so I am pulling an all nighter to rid them, it looks like a small child attacked it with neon paint.

1st rant absolutely over. Love to Robertfoxdavies who is, may I say, as cute as flavoured mini chedders, for launching me into the world of blog.
Just darling.
I WILL pass my textiles theory.
Final thought: How beautiful did my garden look this morning?