Sunday, 13 June 2010

Could you cheat on this..?

A while ago now I smudged my smokey eyes with salty tears reading these very words:

NY Post - 8 Apr 2010 ... 'Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick has dumped co-star and girlfriend Jessica Szohr after hearing rumors she was cozying up with one of his best friends.'

Edward Westwick (recognised as his Gossip Girl Billionaire and Blair Waldorf swooning, character, Chuck Bass)is originally from Hertfordshire in the South of the England - articulate accent and delcious dialect, check.
Not only does Ed's voice begin to slightly arouse me but what about his svelte jaw line and designer stubble. His mysterious eyes are so uncomprehensible and closed-mouth personality depicts his on screen persona perfectly and his style, slick, sleek and smart.
This man is everything I could ever begin to dream of, co-star Szohr should sincerly watch her back.

One can only suggest that if Jesssica (as much as it pains me to type her name) is cheating on him then why doesn't he settle for someone who is out of the lime light, someone more like me.