Tuesday, 15 December 2009

At the cutting edge

I am at the cutting edge, just like the title of my (for loss of a better word) FAT A-Level Textiles textbook which i have been carrying around in my sporty Topshop leather slouch bag for the past 2 days and 10 lessons. Which, for those of you don't know, leads me to the fact that my 'free' or 'study periods' (as my school likes to call them) have been zero to none so far this week.
If you like me, have lept onto the educational discovery band wagon, that is 6th Form you will have noticed that there is never enough free periods in a week - in my case there is 2.
However with 2.5 days until Christmas holidays there is little reason for me to complain.
It is certainly Karma to blame, in my free periods so far I have visited the student library about twice - it is not my fault that Ms Snow-something-or-othermakes sure that you feel so self concious of whatever music might be leaking from your iPod earphones to the rest of the room because, yes, it is that quiet.
Luckily if you manage to blag yourself a lap-puter as i like to call them, the humming may just about cover it up. No more EsmeƩ Denters album for me. I'm always there too late, a bit like my Textiles revision.
Additionally, mum has immerced the Christmas tree in COLOURED lights so I am pulling an all nighter to rid them, it looks like a small child attacked it with neon paint.

1st rant absolutely over. Love to Robertfoxdavies who is, may I say, as cute as flavoured mini chedders, for launching me into the world of blog.
Just darling.
I WILL pass my textiles theory.
Final thought: How beautiful did my garden look this morning?

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