Monday, 19 April 2010

American Beauties

During recent 'me' time I have managed to procrastinate a lot, much of this time wasting I indefinitly blame on the sharp MTV Hills spin off which we all know too well and despise for distraction, known as The City. Now, for a young woman who has been described as highbrow (that is to use the softest of words) one too many times, Olivia Palermo is precisely the character I revel in being oh so fond of.
Aged 24 and an established American socialite, blonde centre-parted bliss crowns her head and her fragile body always laced in Monet-esque floral numbers, edged with skyhigh glossy black fendi footwear and there is nothing which I would aspire to mirror any more. I howeever indulge in the way I have to google search for hours in order to find anything on this girl. No Perez dirt. No leaked xxx photos. Just innocent Palermo.
I wonder why today's media and us as consumers choose to delight in the latest Michelle Heaton fiasco (god forbid she has tanned again) or the most recent ride on Kerry Katona. Instead i believe we should celebrate women who have candidly worked their own way up and have all the charming airs and graces a young lady should sport.
Thank you Olivia.
(Diane von Furstenberg blouse woah yes.)