Saturday, 16 January 2010

Karl Largerfeld.. have you gone mad?

It is not often that I want to rant about something so surprisingly Chanel but from where I am sitting (in a very warm lounge immerced in Textiles AS revision guides) the usual wonderful judegment of Karl has taken a small spring/summer turn.
The Chanel Pre-Spring preview did not dissapoint, but come on, what is this sudden flash of tattoo fascination?!
I am all for the odd significant or suggestive tattoo on a lady, perhaps a petite one on the wrist or ankle but i'm not sure i'd wrap one around my neck Chanel style. Ever. Especially not a heavy silver chain that resembles something that should be bulding up the muscle around the neck of a 14 Stone, 14 year old British male accompanied by a backwards cap and a Henley's hoodie. No way.

I must admitt I am a little over-shocked as after all they are just transfers and I suppose if this had accompanied last seasons Balmania studding there would be no issue but please Chanel, this is not elegent or opulent. Stick to the well established black and white rules which we all know and love you for. Stay classic.

Happy Spring/Summer 2010.