Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Mr P. Lim. I have never had more admiration for you.
This post is certainly inspired by a recent birthday card produced for me which featured the best of the new 3.1 collection ripped up and collaged all over it. Just in case you wondered, it is usually against my wishes for someone to rip to shreds a runway edit somewhere to produce such a wonderful creation, but for Lim it had to be done.
After indulging in hundreds and thousands of sweet little runway reviews I have finally decided that Phillip Lim is not only at the top of every directory of designers because 3.1 comes before A in alphabetical order, but because he is THE King of design. His cuts are so classic and darling yet so unconventional. His collections are so easily distinguished but his idea's still somehow basic and simple.
What excites me about Phillip is that his sets are so wearable. I could invision any female in any of his looks and they would not look overly avant-guarde. On the other hand they still fit so well on a catwalk and I cannot understand how he gets these mixtures so right. All the ingredients are just 'there'.

I am now saving for 'the new suit'. RED rahhh!