Saturday, 10 July 2010

Good girls go to heaven...

Bad girls go to BRUGES.

Spent some short indulgement time getting a taste (literally from the chocolate shop) of sharp Dutch culture last week when visiting Belgium. Spending five days in 'the Venice of the north' has caused me nothing but cobbled street nostalgia and left me with a seriously geeky interest in medieval architecture. Belfy's and church towers included.
I am for one NOT a city girl so imagine my surprise when I cycled past this on my (slightly unstable) tour of the city centre hearing a beautiful Belgian boy with a slightly french-english accent immerce me in historical love stories and traditional tales.

Last but not least, when in Brussles sipping a strong black coffee and lost in french Vogue translation I did not forget my surroundings were home to Belgian Born designer Diane Von Furstenburg which was equally enlightening.
Note to self: must now watch film titled "In Bruges.." and go back to Belgium asap of course.

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